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March 6, 2018
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March 12, 2018

Dr. Christina Blatchford with Dr Chris Campus (Associates)

Dr. Chris Campus is passionate about helping dentists bring associates into their practice.

For the right dentists, building their practice through associate dentists is going to be a way for them to improve their practice, and improve their quality of life while providing better care for their patients.

Bringing in associates allows you to be very entrepreneurial, and add additional revenue streams.

In this episode, Dr. Campus will share his story of adding four associates to his practice and how that has helped him have his best year ever!


Dr. Campus is a practicing dentist in Pensacola, Florida. Since graduating from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in 2008 he has worked as an associate, purchased four dental practices, performed two mergers, and has started an additional practice from scratch. He currently has four full-time associates and over twenty team members in three locations.

He is actively involved in all of the day to day operations of the practices and still manages to take off a minimum of 12 weeks each year. Dr. Campus is actively involved in our Connection program and has been a member of our “Big Docs” group for our top individual producers.

Dr. Campus has “walked the walk” as a highly productive and profitable clinician, manager, and dental entrepreneur. The passion he has for dentistry and the business of dentistry is as obvious as the amount he enjoys helping other meet the goals they once thought unreachable.

In this episode, you will…

  • Understand the power of bringing in associates to your practice
  • Realize the risks, and the fact that you will probably be in the red for awhile when first adding an associate
  • Discover the best ways to compensate your associates to keep them comfortable and growing
  • Learn the changes you’ll face when working with associates
  • Learn the number one reason a lot of associates fail and what you can do to avoid that

“It was actually to see fewer patients. It was to be able to spend more time with each patient.” Dr. Chris Campus


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