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February 5, 2018
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Is your Unbalanced Dental Practice Affecting your Life?

unbalanced dental practice

unbalanced dental practice

You could have an unbalanced dental practice if you aren’t seeing the results that you would like. Some dentists want different results then what they are getting, while some dentists are disappointed in their unbalanced situation. Some dentists are just frustrated.

If something isn’t right about your choice in life, what action do you take? Do you have a plan in action so that you can balance your unbalanced dental practice? Decisions are not easy for some dental personalities. Consequently, little action is taken, and discontent continues and festers. Not only will this affect your personal life, but it will also affect your dental practice and your team members.

With that being said, some dentists see and feel success with their overhead, their team, leadership role, plus net return as well as time away. How can that be?

My business coach, Dan Sullivan, says, “Your eyes see and your ears only hear….what your brain is searching for?” What is your brain searching for? What kind of dental life would you like? How would you like it different?

Many dentists feel the only answer is to, “Outrun your overhead.” Enter the gerbil cage and run faster. How is that working? Can you see it any different?

Is lack of profits getting you down? Do you feel the amount of money you bring home is not enough for the effort? You are doing dentistry, but don’t know how to change your schedule. It is possible to produce well, working three eight-hour days a week. Why work two $2500 days when you and your team could produce $5K a day every day, and then actually take a day off. What is your brain searching for?

Perhaps team and leadership are causing sleepless nights but you don’t know where to turn. If you were to evaluate (score A, B, C) each team member on attitude, not skill, how would your team score? Do you have one or two stars, and the others are just barely there? Do you feel you need them and are concerned about the quality of the labor pool? It is possible to have a dedicated accountable team who can really speak and take action on your vision. What is your brain searching for?

You know you are capable of doing much more dentistry then what is showing on your schedule. How great would it be to do more than single units, or even do as many as four units in a day?

Block scheduling is critical to being efficient and effective and can help with your unbalanced dental practice. Of course, if you want to work fewer days, you need to pay your team for the number of days being worked now. Yes, you can pay them for NOT working. Is this what your brain is searching for?

Blatchford Solutions has the answers to your frustrations. We have proven systems to rid of your frustrations, get rid of your unbalanced dental practice, and be pleased with your choice in dentistry. If your brain is searching for a higher net, lower overhead and a better time balance, you will find it at Blatchford Solutions.

Check out our nearly 300 five star Google reviews and our website— We can help you solve what frustrates you about dentistry. We are nearly 40 years in the business of helping dentists prosper and can help your unbalanced dental practice become balanced again.

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