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February 22, 2018
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Dental Practice Frustration are you Suffering from It?

Dental practice frustration is real. Dental practice frustration occurs when dentists become frustrated with their practice. Dental practice frustration happens when dentists feel their team is not performing, frustration in the dental world is real when overhead is too high, the practice is number one and there is no number two, and they are pulled into patient and team messes. They try the band-aid approach, which is a temporary fix at best. The band-aid approach doesn’t work and will lead to dental practice frustration.

Why do we choose a dental model that is so frustrating? We think we can put a band-aid on one thing and it will make it better but indeed, another, “Fix-it,” item springs forth. Where is the nirvana of smooth productive days, patients who say, “Yes,” an accountable enthusiastic team, overhead at 55%, and systems which make it all work? Our dental coaches can help you and your team avoid the dreaded dental practice frustration rut and become productive and happy.

dental practice frustration

The dentist is the leader and team follows his or her vision. Has that vision been carefully laid out for your team? Do they understand the mission of your dental practice? Do they buy into your vision? Often band-aids are used in team situations. For example, your receptionist comes to you complaining about too much work, phone, paper, problems. She asks for help. You hire another to help at the front.

Perhaps the original receptionist is not working to capacity and is not capable of handling the front. Now you have hired someone who may be a help along the same vein. You have two salaries when one great person could handle the business at the front desk. These are band-aids because they are temporary fixes. Does anyone really buy into a bigger picture here?

Putting a band-aid on one problem when you have a myriad of concerns is no way to live your life. Dentistry can be the most rewarding profession, both financially and emotionally.

Band-aids are temporary fixes. We know there was not a course in dental school to learn business leadership. Dental practice frustration We know there was not a course in dental school to learn business leadership.  Yet, band-aids wear off in a couple of days and the same or a version of the same problem surfaces in your practice leading to more dental practice frustration. With the same problems come new irritations that will put you and your team over the edge.

If you could have a practice that looked like:

• Three day work week of patients
• Overhead at 55%
• Block Booking so every day reaches or exceeds your goal
• Accountable enthusiastic team who carry your vision
• Team who are mastering sales conversations
• Efficient and effective scheduling and collections
• Patients in on time, out on time
• Continuing education to be top of your game
• Using capital to invest in dental technologies

Become a Blatchford Solutions client and toss out the band-aids. We can help you create, from the work you have already accomplished, a very satisfying and profitable practice model and your team bonuses, too. You win, your patients win, and your team wins.

dental practice frustration

Quit hobbling along with your band-aid box trying hard to plug up the holes. There is a better and more profitable way to practice dentistry. You deserve the better way. You deserve to have dentistry work for you and it can when you contact the dental coaching team from Blatchford Solutions.

See our website,, watch the testimonials of Doctors AND team members, spouses and sponsors. Get on the Blatchford Bandwagon.

Call or click for more information and get rid of dental practice frustration today.

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