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December 28, 2017
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January 4, 2018

Working Goals What Are Yours for 2018?

Working goals can be tough, especially if you are working more days than you need to. Having working goals for your dental practice is essential if you want to move forward in the New Year. If you are tired and overworked, it’s difficult, if nearly impossible to perform well. Many dentists are working four and five days a week with possibly two weeks, always at separate times, away from the practice. Is it possible you are not performing to your ability because you are working too many days a week every month, every year? Was that really part of the plan when you set out your working goals straight out of dental school?

We see time away from your practice not as a reward for your hard work but as, time away for top performers to rejuvenate, re-energize, and rethink life. Vacation time allows you preparation time to perform well. Clearing your mind from work and the everyday running of your dental practice defines vacation. Time away is a MUST in your life and can help you define your working goals.

How can you really relax in a week? You come home and you are still tied in knots. Let’s do something different in 2018. Let’s plan your workdays and plan your vacations 12 months in advance. By the way, time away can be time at home, too, just as long as the time at home is doing something different, not errands or housework, but different.

Setting a small goal might be to double your time away. Long weekends really don’t count for rejuvenation time. You need unwind time. If you took two weeks time away in 2017, let’s set a goal for four weeks of time away. You worked 200 patient contact days in 2017. You will work 192 patient contact days in 2018.

If you could produce the same or more production in 2018 as in 2017, would you be willing to pay your team for the extra two weeks of vacation? I can’t tell you how excited they will be to jump on this wagon.

All Blatchford Doctors take at least 6-8 weeks away and some plan a week, a month, or 12 weeks away, usually in different configurations like two weeks at a time or a month at a time. My guess is at least 95% of Blatchford Docs take off the week between Christmas and New Years.

These are valuable times with your family. You want them to be proud of choices you made to be a dentist and possibly continue in that tradition, as one of my daughters did. Show more of yourself and create some family memories. You only get one chance. Your kids will be grown before you know it and busy with their own lives. Take off the week of July 4 as it is on a Wednesday anyway this year and what a great way to solidify your working goals and personal goals midyear.

Set some time goals for you and your practice. Shake it up. Make a list and write down your working goals AND your personal goals. Share your personal goals with your family and friends and your working goals your team and peers. Putting your goals down on paper can really help you obtain them. If you aren’t even close to reaching those goals, call or click and talk a team member from Blatchford Solutions about Dental Coaching for your practice.

At Blatchford Coaching, we feel your practice should support your life and the family. Most Doctors allow the practice to run your life. Isn’t it time for you to make a substantial difference in how you spend your time with your family, your self and your patients? Working close to 200 days a year is a brutal way to live, and probably not the reason you became a dentist in the first place. Visit Blatchford Solutions website, listen to the testimonials and give us a call. We want you to live well.

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