November 30, 2017

Dental Implant Camp | Dr. Nathan Doyel

It’s time to stop referring out dental implants. Your patients want to stay within your practice. They already know, like, and trust you and your team. […]
November 27, 2017

Develop a No Whining Policy for You and Your Team

Whining. Everybody does it from time to time, but your dental practice is no place to complain. Whining won’t win you any awards. In fact, if […]
November 23, 2017

Successful Merger | Bringing Your “A” Game 2.0

Mergers are often the least expensive way to acquire new patients. When compared to your marketing costs a merger might be the best way for you […]
November 16, 2017

Why Your Deserve Level Matters

Deserve levels can hold you back or let you soar. It’s the level of something you think you “deserve” and if effects everything from your physical […]