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October 16, 2017
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October 29, 2017

Moving Forward | Bringing Your “A” Game 2.0

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Gone are the days of being tied down to one location because of your dental practice.

The old school set rule was that once a dentist established a practice after dental school he was a definite fixture in that community through retirement years.

That simply is no longer the case. Dentists have more mobility in now.

The key is to make sure a move is the right now. Blatchford Solutions will help you make the right decision for you.

In this episode, you’ll hear an excerpt from Blatchford Solutions’ new book Bringing Your ‘A’ Game: 2.0. The Blatchford family has developed systems for efficiency, profit-sharing, and time-off to create balance in their own lives and the lives of their employees, and they’ve joined us today to let us in on some of their experience.

You’ll learn how several dental practices have used the Blatchford family’s systems and advice to build extremely successful practices, and create the lifestyle they want in true retire-as-you-go fashion.

In this episode, you will…

  • Realize that moving forward is possible for you
  • Hear how Dr. Patel built a thriving practice in Austin, TX
  • Learn about the new wave of dental mobility
  • Discover the key information you need to know to help you decide if a dental practice purchase is right for you

Listen in to get your free copy of Bringing Your ‘A’ Game: 2.0


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