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October 13, 2017
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Do You Really Appreciate Your Team?

appreciate the team

appreciate your team

Do you really know how to appreciate your team? Do you take time out of your day to tell your dental hygienist or receptionist that they are doing awesome work? When you appreciate your team and what they do for you, it will make a huge difference in your overall outlook on life.

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected. A word of encouragement specifically spoken to one person will create loyalty and dedication. You may see good things but do you take the time to let that person know it made a difference in your life?

Everyone can perform tasks knowing that there is a salary at the end. However, if you want to instill passion into your team, appreciate your team for the extra effort will really pay off when it comes to team performance. Your team doesn’t just crave that weekly paycheck. Each member of your team wants to be recognized with encouragement and verbal appreciation.

It’s very easy to say thank-you, but there are dozens of other ways to show respect and appreciate your team.

Below are a few tips from Blatchford Coaching that can help you learn how to appreciate your team.

appreciate your team

Surprise the Team

Unexpected treats such as group lunches or an early mark for the day are great ways to show your team how much you appreciate their efforts.

Team Building Challenges

Offer incentives to team members. Include challenges and continuing education classes that the dental practice pays for.

Be Specific

Leaders have to be very specific when it comes to showing appreciation. This helps reinforce behavior with positive feedback for the team member. Instead of being general, be more specific. Say something like, “I really like how you handled that patient today,” or, “You are a great collaborator, keep up the good work.” Being specific also inspires team members to develop skills in a specific area and is a great way to appreciate your team.

Well Deserved Time Off

One of the most valuable ways you can appreciate a team member is with time off whether it’s a short vacation, a hobby, or some much-needed family time. It certainly doesn’t have to be routine, but when it is unexpected, it will encourage the entire team to work a little bit harder for that unexpected time off.

appreciate your team

Transparency is Key

Of course, there are some things about your dental practice that can’t or shouldn’t be discussed, however, if you let your team know what is going on with the practice, they will feel more involved. Generating a, “We are in this together,” environment will keep your team happy and appreciated.

Feed the Team

Put some sweet treats in your break room or have some chocolate truffles delivered to the dental practice. Once a week cater lunch. Feeding the team really is an excellent way to say, “Thank-you,” and appreciate your team.

Encourage Feedback

Once a month ask for feedback. Distribute an anonymous survey. Ask 10 to 15 questions about career growth, leadership, and teamwork. Ask your team what they do and don’t like about their work environment. When the team becomes involved, they will feel more appreciated.

appreciate your team

Host Events for the Entire Dental Practice

Company events with team building activities are important if you want everyone to feel like they are a part of the dental practice. By creating a fun workplace, the team will feel appreciated knowing that the work will get done and that they are part of the team.

The life of a leader can be made so much easier if we make a point to notice positive behavior and then let that person know they moved the discussion or project forward.

We encourage our Doctors to have a specific compliment to each team member before leaving for the day. At our 5-minute evening gathering to complete the day, a short important part is the Doctor acknowledging a specific positive they noticed during the day involving each team member. It could be a challenging phone call handled well, a late patient, a lab error or a, “Save the day,” effort handled by the team without the Doctor’s help.

With dentist’s perfectionist personalities, we can see our practice world as the glass half-full and focus on the several things that didn’t go well rather than the small things others do in our lives to forward our goals. Your team really gets you and is on your side. Your job is to acknowledge specifically even the tiny efforts to take care of precious patients and all the logistics of an awesome day.

appreciate your team

Your reward? Once they feel you have noticed their efforts, they will make sure to do it again and again. One specific effort appreciated will reap you many rewards with a more positive result when you appreciate your team.

If you would like more information regarding dental management and how to appreciate your team, call or click and schedule an appointment with Blatchford Coaching today.

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