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September 11, 2017
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Action vs Motion Do you Know the Difference?

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action vs motion

Action vs Motion can be difficult, regardless of your profession.

Actions really do speak louder than words, especially when it comes to your dental practice.

We are all very busy in the dental office. But, what are we really accomplishing? Unless we have a bigger picture of the direction and end point, we are mistaking motion for action. When the team understands and embraces the bigger goal, then we move with direction, and our actions are making a difference.

When Action vs, Motion, it is important to ask yourself one thing, what is the most important thing you should be doing to move forward? Answer that question and do it.

Blatchford Solutions can help your dental practice learn how to:

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When you work with the team from Blatchford Solutions, you can learn how to balance your personal and professional life with sound dental marketing strategies that really do work.

List after List after List

action vs motion

List making is a great example of Action vs. Motion. You may make a list every day of people you need to call, but instead of just making the call, you make the list.

Dentists are so busy filing insurance forms, they feel can’t work on the most important sales conversations. Where you are going and what is the most important thing you should be doing?

We all write lists of our priorities, yet, when you examine the word priority, it means ONE. We are busy with too many little things, which in the grand scheme of things do not matter. In fact, if you slow down and concentrate, you are more productive.

Below are a few more examples of Action vs Motion:

  1. If I look for a diet plan, read a couple of books or articles, that is motion, if you actually start a new diet, that is action.
  2. If you ask about a personal trainer during your next workout, that is motion, if you actually hire that personal trainer and work out according to plan, that is action.
  3. If I do some research on new dental technologies and want to start a course, that is motion, if I actually sign up for that course and attend, that is action.

Dentists say they want to have more time for their family but in actuality, they work until 7 PM and are busy justifying their busy-ness. It was author Ernest Hemmingway who said, “Never mistake motion for action.”

As a team, what is our number one goal in our practice? You may be avoiding doing the bigger things because they are more challenging and difficult. Do it! Action rather than busy-ness. Once you get the hang of it, you will discover that the bigger things aren’t that difficult.

Blatchford Solutions has improved the profitability for over 3,000 practices around the globe while growing their patient base and developing and utilizing a successful dental management strategy.

action vs motion

Action vs Motion

The biggest mistake that dentists seem to make when it comes to Action vs Motion is knowing the difference. Action vs Motion may sound like the same thing, but the two are very different.

Motion means that you are busy doing a task, but whatever you are doing does not and never will, produce an outcome on its own.

Action will get you results. Blatchford Dental Coaching can teach you how to use Action vs Motion effectively in your dental practice.

Motion really is a good thing as it allows you time to learn, strategize, and prepare, but without action, motion will never give you the results that you are looking for.

According to Blatchford Solutions, some dentists go into motion because it allows for progress without failure. Most people who go into motion without action are experts at avoiding any type of criticism. Nobody likes to be judged publicly, or worse yet, fail completely, so situations where that might happen are avoided at all costs.

Below are some tips to turn your motions into actions:

Set an action schedule-Meet with your team and create an action schedule whether it is working on those insurance forms, or calling colleagues or patients on your list.

Pick a Date-For certain goals, sometimes setting a schedule doesn’t always work. If you are launching a new product or service or taking your dental practice to the next level, you may need to plan first. All of these motions require action to complete. For one time goals and big projects, this really is the best approach as you are forcing yourself into motion and action with a deadline.

action vs motion

Motion will never give you a result, but action will. Are you doing something, or are you finally taking action?

If you aren’t sure, it’s time to call the team from Blatchford Solutions who can help you understand Action vs Motion.

Dental Coaching really can make a difference to your personal and professional life.

Call or click for more Action vs Motion information today.

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