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August 29, 2017
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September 11, 2017

Is Your Dental Practice Suffering from Fatigue Dental Coaching Can Help

dental coaching

If your dental practice and your dental team are suffering because you don’t love it like you used to, dental coaching with Blatchford Solutions could be the answer. Blatchford Solutions Dental Practice Management has the tools you need to enjoy getting up in the morning by empowering you both personally and professionally. Both you and your team will become empowered when you work with the coaches from Blatchford Solutions.


Team Motivation

dental coachingTeam motivation is a huge part of running a successful dental practice. Seeing your staff as a team will help both you and your practice finder a deeper fulfillment in your chosen profession with dental coaching.

Unfortunately, not every dental practice runs as smooth as it should with some members not cooperating when it comes to office rules and regulations. If you have a dental hygienist who is consistently late for work it’s time to sit him or her down with the rest of the team and go over the way the office works and is supposed to run. When everyone is on the same page, you just may find your hygienist actually arrives 15 minutes early with a healthy breakfast for the rest of the team.

dental coaching

More Free Time

When you run your practice and don’t allow it to run you, you will feel empowered. You will feel motivated and ready to learn how to run a more successful dental practice working less hours, making more money.

Boost your Annual Income

Blatchford dental coaching has successfully helped dentists just like you all over the globe achieve financial and professional success using tools that will help you enjoy going to work every day and maximizing the efficiency of your team and your services.

If this sounds too good to be true, subscribe to the Blatchford Coaching Blog where you can listen to Podcasts and read blogs about dental coaching and dental practice management.

dental coaching

Bill Blatchford and his daughter Christine along with other dental practice management experts are paving the way for a stress free dental practice with free tools that will help your dental practice succeed far beyond your wildest dreams.

Morning’s with Blatchford is a regular feature available online. Morning’s with Blatchford offers professional advice from the Blatchford Solutions experts and includes topics such as, “The Importance of Time Management, “and, “No Nonsense Traditions.” These tried and true snippets of educational advice can help you better your dental practice and your team.

Earn More in Less Time

When you work with the dental coaching team from Blatchford Solutions, you can achieve amazing success working less days for more pay. Thanks to Dr. Bill and Christina Blatchford, you can enjoy your personal life making a very comfortable living working just three days a week.

dental coachingIf you still believe you have to work 5 days a week and every other Saturday to see a profit, Blatchford Dental Management can help. Blatchford has the solution that will help you trim your workweek to just three days, even if you run more than one dental practice.

Time Management

Time management is an essential part of a successful dental practice. Knowing how to manage your time and the time of your team is imperative. Of course, emergencies happen, but having a basic schedule and calendar will help dental practice time management

Delegating is Key

Don’t be afraid to delegate and make sure that every team member knows exactly what he or she is supposed to do. Keep a record of where you spend your time and work accordingly.

dental coaching

Blatchford dental coaching Solutions can help you free up your schedule with time management tools that will make your dental practice become more successful. With Blatchford Solutions, you can easily go from three to nine weeks of vacation every year when the dental coaches help you, “Bring your ‘A’ Game.


One of the biggest causes of dental practice burnout is stress. If the business of dentistry is overtaking the rest of your dental practice, including your time in front of a patient, it’s time to call the team from Blatchford Solutions who can help you manage your dental practice.

When you put everything into place that you have learned, the Blatchford Solutions coaching team guarantees that you will see the fruits of your labor and efforts.

dental coachingWith a money back guarantee and proven results, you can’t go wrong.

If stress is taking the pleasure out of dentistry, call or click and schedule an appointment with the leading dental practice management consultants, Blatchford offers practical and affordable dental coaching practices that will help you feel empowered.

Empower your dental practice and contact Blatchford Solutions today. You will not be disappointed.

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