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August 21, 2017
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Are Dark Clouds Hovering over your Dental Practice?


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Are you dissatisfied with your dental practice? Are you disillusioned with the practice of dentistry? If you find yourself in this position, you will remember that somewhere along the line you were told that dentistry was an excellent choice with all kinds of time and easy money rolling into your pockets.

So what happened? Are you so disillusioned with your dental practice that you have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning to head to the office? Are you wishing you had selected a different career that was less stressful? Are you wishing you had chosen a profession offering a better return? If the answer is yes, you are suffering from burn out.

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You are clinically trained and talented, but are you running your dental practice, or is it running you? Is being the team leader that stressful? Is handling a group of people who seem to jump off the train at each stop several times a day stressing you out? Does your team seem to come to you with every question and every problem? If you love dentistry, but can’t stand the business of dentistry, it’s time to take control.

Hiring the dental coaching team from Blatchford Solutions can take the stress out of the business of dentistry while making you fall in love with your dental practice all over again.

A good dental business coach can be the answer to finding new joy in your private dental practice. Clarifying YOUR vision for the future is a start. It is your game to play and win. At Blatchford Solutions, we actually see a renewal of energy towards the practice but also life choices for vacations, lifestyle, and exercise. It all fits together and it is your choice.

Blatchford Custom Coaching is a program that has helped 1000’s of dentists discover their true dreams. When you work with the team from Blatchford Coaching, your desires and values will finally be realized as you achieve a meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle along with a successful business that you will grow to love.

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Platinum Level Program

Your dental practice is successful. You have achieved success in your dental practice and it shows. However, despite all of your achievements and hard work, you still find yourself having a hard time balancing your dental practice and your personal life. You want your dental practice to work for you, not the other way around.

The Platinum Level program is designed for dentists like you and is custom designed to give you the support you need to refine and polish your practice. The goal of Blatchford Coaching will help you and your team work smarter, not harder. The Blatchford Coaching Platinum Level Program helps you redefine and reassess your goals so you realize what they are and how your goals can work towards your realization.

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The coaching team from Blatchford Solutions is committed to your quality of life. You made a great choice choosing dentistry as your profession, but if balancing your work time with your personal time is becoming more and more stressful, the Blatchford Platinum Level Program was made for you.

If you are constantly feeling that your work life is taking over your ENTIRE life, it’s time to reevaluate your dental practice. You made an excellent educational choice, but if your practice isn’t working for you, regardless of how much time and money is spent, call or click and talk to Blatchford Solutions about the Platinum Level Program.

Both male and female dentists understand that time can become a real issue, especially if that time is split between two or more dental practices.

With the Platinum Program from Blatchford Solutions, you will learn how fee for service dentistry can work for your practice and your personal life. More time is crucial if you want to attain the success that brought you into dentistry in the first place.

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The Platinum Program from Blatchford Solutions can help you spend more time with your family by reducing the number of days you work each year. With Blatchford Solutions, you can cut your office time by 40 to 60 days every 12 months.

The Blatchford dental coaching team can help you have more personal time with more net return, and although it may sound like an oxymoron, having both time and money can be yours.

Blatchford Solutions is committed to helping your dental practice and your team become more committed while being more effective and more efficient. In the first year of working with Blatchford Solutions, you will increase your return by $100,000, which will more than pay for the Blatchford Solutions Platinum Program for dentists.

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If you are feeling burned out with your dental practice, call or click and talk to Blatchford Solutions. More time and money is possible when you work with the Blatchford Solutions dental coaching team.

Call or click for more dental coaching solutions today.

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