Are you Getting Rewards in your Dental Practice?
July 10, 2017
embrace your dental practice
Embrace your Dental Practice and Your Community
July 24, 2017

Is your Dental Practice Visible or Invisible?

When you make your dental practice visible, you will be helping your reputation. Being a visible dentist will help your reputation.

When you make your dental practice visible, you will be helping your reputation. Being a visible dentist will help your reputation.

If you have chosen a completely new area to practice away from your hometown, get involved in your community. Even if you are a returning member of the community, participate at your own level. Be the new person in town by introducing yourself. Be proud of your community by participating and make your dental practice visible.

What interests you? Are you into history, athletics, youth, biking, or hiking, worship, or volunteer? As dental business coaches, we encourage our doctors to be the visible dentist, rather than the INVISIBLE dentist. Go out to lunch at least once a week with someone new. Talk to the owners of the restaurant as well as the servers. Pass out your dental marketing materials and get to know your community.

Buy your car locally. Take a picture of your sales person and put it on Facebook, thanking the local car dealer. As a dentist, you are a local businessperson. You want the locals to have all of their dentistry done at your dental practice, not just the routine cleanings. Always carry your business cards and hand them out. Thank people on Facebook and Twitter.

A Blatchford dentist recently shared his appreciation for the selling dentist who was really connected in his town. So involved in his community, that he is telling all his friends and colleagues about the new dentist. The purchasing dentist is commuting 90 minutes each way until his young family can move.

Participate in the local community celebrations. Be in the parades and make it fun with your team. Go to the local art fairs and display the art in your office. What meaningful thing can you do for your community? Perhaps the police or fire department needs a particular piece of equipment. Make that your focus for the year with your patients, matching funds.

As dental business coaches, we encourage our Doctors to discover their interests and take it to the next level. At local events, what can you and your team do to help the cause—a dunk tank, a jail where locals can put someone in the jail paying a dollar a minute, a hot dog stand, or a real lemonade stand? The opportunities are endless. Of course, you can always work out in your basement and never meet anyone!

Be a season ticket holder for high school games. Display a historic picture of your community in your office. Become involved in what interests you. As dental business coaches, we can tell you the invisible dentist is challenged to be as successful as the known dentist.

Dentistry can be so rewarding, emotionally and financially, if done well. Certain practices are very successful. They know themselves very well; they have standards and are able to communicate those values with passion and energy.

One thing is very clear, even with dentists, that behavior with its impending results is a choice. We are at choice every minute of the day.

Getting involved with your local community is a choice that will help make your dental practice visible.

Below are some tips from the Blatchford Playbook that can help you become loyal to your local team.

• Support the hometown businesses and teams
• Buy your cars locally
• Purchase gift baskets and fill them with products made locally
• Support local fairs and events with your signature food booth and give money to charity
• Know your local industries so you can ask intelligent questions, such as, “How’s the soybean harvest?” or, “I hear you won a contract.” When you support your local businesses and know the industry you will go far when it comes to being loyal to your local team
• Buy products locally, even if it costs a little bit more
• We are global. Think how that product will help a local businessperson; after all, that is what you are too.
• Select Christmas gifts from local industries
• Be a, “Cheerleader,” for your town and your community
• Attend concerts, sports events, openings, Chamber of Commerce field days, fundraisers, potlucks, high school art shows, etc
• If you are new to the area, or haven’t made yourself known, have an open house at your dental practice
• Arrange for a local high school scholarship for entry in the dental industry: Assistant, lab tech, hygiene or pre-dent

Making yourself known in the local community is the best way to build your practice and make your dental practice visible. Let Blatchford dental marketing help get you there.

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