When you make your dental practice visible, you will be helping your reputation. Being a visible dentist will help your reputation.
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July 17, 2017
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Embrace your Dental Practice and Your Community

embrace your dental practice

When you embrace your dental practice and your community, you are well on your way to becoming a visible dentist in your town or city.

Every dentist practices in a community, even if you are in New York City, Dallas, or San Francisco. You chose your community, but do you know it? Have you embraced the different generations and changes in your area over 300 years? Are you curious about the direction that your community is moving in currently?

Most areas have a collection of historical documents and artifacts that share the first natives that were found in your area. Do you know yours? Is there evidence of homes, language, customs or artwork of the first settlers? Is there a museum or a local library where you can find out?

As a businessperson wanting success, embrace your community and embrace your dental practice by learning more about where you do business. Find out the roots of your community and discover the history. By doing so, you can better understand today’s situations in your town or city.

When you learn the history of your community, and embrace your dental practice, you can be a source of confidence for your patients about your town. As dental business coaches, we feel you need to embrace your practicing community if you want to embrace your dental practice, especially if you do not live there. When you embrace your community and when you embrace your dental practice, the townspeople will begin to recognize that not only are you a good dentist, but you are a dentist who really wants to become involved in the community.

You and your team can discover the origin of the name of your town, city or community. Yes, why did they name it, “Chicago?” Know that answer. Be the source of local knowledge about your area. Find out who settled your town and city. Dig deep and research everything you can about your community.

Why was your area settled? Mining? Shipping? Agriculture? What attracted people and immigrants to your area? What were some of the things that caused growth to be slow or fast? What year was your community incorporated? Is the community growing as fast as it once did, or has something changed?

Who were the movers and shakers during the Industrial Revolution of the mid 1800’s? Out west, people were coming to homestead in valleys where they had heard of prosperity. Water and who owned the water was a huge concern. Learn how those problems were solved or do they still persist?

What manufacturing or agriculture has come and gone and why? Who were some of the early names in your community? What were their goals? Are any of the families of the original settlers still living in your town or city? If so, get in touch. In most cases, the relatives of the original settlers will have pictures and other historical artifacts that they may be willing to share.

Do your research and find out what the main businesses in your community are now. What do they produce in that big building down the street? Are any of the original businesses still in your town or city?

A dental business coach would tell you to be curious about your town. Know what is going on in education, businesses, research, health care, and transportation.

To be an interesting person, you need to be interested. The most successful dentists ask questions and are curious. Embrace your community by discovering the history, the changes, and the direction for the future.

Find some early pictures of your area and display them in your office. Ask your patients to join you in being proud of your community. Embrace with them the reasons why your town is outstanding and you will embrace your dental practice!

Ask patients to bring historical artifacts, pictures or reading material into the office. Take pictures and share on social media. When you are curious about your community, your patients will be too.

As dental coaches, Blatchford Coaching is curious about your practice, how you started, and why you became a dentist in the first place. Blatchford Dental Marketing can help you become passionate about your town or city and the people who founded your community and can help you embrace your dental practice.

If you would like to embrace your dental practice, call or click and schedule a no obligation dental marketing consultation with the experts from Blatchford Coaching. It really will make a difference to your practice.

Call or click today.

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