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Are you as Predictable as You Would Like to Be?


A predictable day is what most dentists strive for. Your dental day can be predictably planned for production and perfection. Most dentists like a calm, predictable atmosphere. So why do we live with chaos on some days, and think about it, “Who is really in control here?

How does it feel when you end the day exhausted, but only produced $2100 and treated 17 patients? You are living for the homerun days when production is $13K on a few patients. Dentistry should be rewarding as it is ranked #1 as the most desired profession in America.

You can be predicable, but why be exhausted? A good dental business coach preaches, “Dental days can be planned and have a calm atmosphere.” Instead of the patient leading the schedule, you plan the schedule. You decide when and what treatments.

Most dentists are fresh and at their peak in the morning hours. Plan your day so your more complex cases are completed by noon, leaving you with smaller treatments and lab cases to seat in the afternoon. How do you think many Blatchford dentists produce $15K a day every day? By becoming predicable in the most predictable way.

Having standard procedures for everything in the office creates predictability. When every system and procedure is documented, team and Doctor can count on a solid repeat performance with information at hand. This saves time and energy. We can now fully focus on the patient and make them the star. This is what Blatchford dental business coaches are saying.

Another concept around which you can create predictability is an oxymoron of, “Same day dentistry.” Be ready with extra trays, a clean room, an eager team, and emotional readiness when a patient of record calls with three crowns in one quadrant. Let us do it today instead of your team offering to come in on Friday, which makes it an extra day for you and a nice bonus for your assistant. Same day dentistry is profitable, rewarding and a fun game. Blatchford dental coaches have named it, “Calling an audible at the line of scrimmage.” Even same day dentistry can be predictable.

How would it feel to practice in a predictable world? You can produce more in a shorter number of days. Patients, team, and Doctor love it!

When you bring your A-Game into your practice, including the practice you are about to purchase, you are encouraging your team to do the same. When everyone is onboard and has the same game plan, predictability is a no brainer.

As dental coaches, Blatchford Coaching encourages clients and clients who are about to buy or sell their practice to:

• Decide who you are and what kind of practice you want
• Do your demographics to find the desirable location and gamble it will be solid for the next thirty years
• Ideal: Find a practice to purchase in that area
• Make sure you have your own representative looking out for you, your interests, and your money. Never believe the selling broker is your friend
• Ask for tax returns, profit and loss, fee schedules, insurance collections, debt structure and staffing
• Pay attention to red flags, “I can’t find it,” and, “You don’t need to see all that,” are big red flags when it comes to purchasing a dental practice
• Create a contract that the selling doctor must depart immediately
• Never agree to an, “Indefinite departure.” If he wants to work on his or her patients remind the departing dentist that his patients have now become yours
• Step up to the plate and be the boss, not just the person who is taking care of the bills
• Make positive statements about the doctor who is selling your practice. You were not there when the work was placed. Remember the patients are loyal to the dentist who is leaving

Being predictable is important, but so is making every day a home run day. Unfortunately, most dental practices don’t have the time or the inclination to create a predictable dental environment and that is where Blatchford Coaching comes in. Blatchford Coaching will help you change the way you think and feel about your practice giving you profitability and predictability even if you are still considering buying or selling your practice. Being predictable is imperative for a successful practice.

If you would like more information regarding dental coaching or dental practice management, call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with Blatchford Coaching. It could make the difference between being predictable and unpredictable. Call or click now.

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