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July 4, 2017
When you make your dental practice visible, you will be helping your reputation. Being a visible dentist will help your reputation.
Is your Dental Practice Visible or Invisible?
July 17, 2017

Are you Getting Rewards in your Dental Practice?


rewardsThere are many rewards in private practice dentistry. Seeing generations of patients, knowing you have helped families be stronger, young adults who have been influenced to be in a medical or dental profession because of you, contributions to your community and knowing you have been a stable force is a reward. You are making a difference.

Dentistry is the most desired occupation in America, you are respected and revered. Do you feel the rewards and respect to match that polling? The American Dental Association research shows the average dental net is $175K. Is that the reward you were expecting? Surely not.

Blatchford Dental Coaching

Blatchford dentists have an annual net significantly higher then the average. The team from Blatchford Coaching understands what it means to, “Work smarter, not harder,” and reaps the rewards.

What is a rewarding net for you? Most dentists are more focused on the clinical then on the business. Fully grasping how to change real net is not something that comes easily. Out running your overhead is the usual method of trying to increase net but seldom is the answer when it comes to rewards.

Net More in Less Days

The oxymoron is Blatchford dentists net more in less days. How can that be? How can anyone, especially a dentist, earn more in less time? Ask yourself, would that be one of the rewards that you are dreaming about for your dental skills? More time off and more net can be possible with custom dental business coaching tailor made to fit you and your dental practice. Blatchford Coaching can help you get the best out of your dental practice in less time, and best of all, you can do that by working less days. Now those are the kinds of rewards that most dentists dream about.


Your net increases by being more organized and efficient with your time. Dental business coaching can deliver the rewards with leadership, systems, time organization, and coaching your team to be their best.

When you work with a dental coach, you will achieve greater results and greater rewards, including money, time, and most importantly, satisfaction.

Neglecting your practice because you aren’t getting enough time off can hurt your practice. If you are tired and grumpy, it will show every time a patient sits in your chair. Being tired and unhappy will also affect the morale of your team. If you aren’t happy, how can your dental assistant or receptionist be pleased with the way things are going. You may become burned out and start to neglect some of your other dental practice priorities such as continuing dental education.

Bring your, ‘A’ Game

One of the best ways to get an inside look at Blatchford Coaching is to download the free book. Bringing your, ‘A’ Game 2.0. This amazing book is jam packed with true to life stories from the top dentists who share what they did, how Blatchford Coaching helped and how they are attracting new patients into their dental practice.

Bringing your, ‘A’ Game 2.0 is all about those dentists who have literally cracked the code when it comes to new patients using the Blatchford Coaching systems making them the most profitable in their area and market.

Blatchford Dental Coaching can help you improve every system that you have in your dental practice. Download Bringing your ‘A’Game 2.0 and you can start incorporating the tried and true new patient systems into your own dental practice.


Being a Blatchford Dentist will help you enjoy your practice again. There really is no need to work five, or even six days a week. A new dental practice is just that, new, but that doesn’t mean you have to work 18 hour days 5 days a week.

If you are:

  • Opening a dental practice and want to do it right
  • Working too hard without rewards
  • Less than stellar with your leadership skills
  • Aren’t practicing the type of dentistry you enjoy
  • Being restricted by insurance companies

It’s time to call Blatchford Coaching. Fill out the Profitability Assessment form and see what Bill and Christina can do for you.

With Blatchford’s Custom Coaching, doctors are allowed to reach their individual and dental practice goals, and with more than 57 years of combined experience in the dental field, the father daughter team offer clients a no-nonsense approach to dental practice management. Your goal is their goal.


With Custom Coaching from Blatchford Solutions, you will receive 14 months of one-on-one coaching with Blatchford’s Dental Coaches. A full day summit with your dentist/coach and several others is also included in your custom coaching package and is filled with personal discovery, introspection, revelation, and commitment.

Stop dreading your daily grind, and call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with Bill and Christina Blatchford, and don’t forget to fill out the Profitability Assessment form for a custom-made solution to your dental practice woes.

Call for a consultation with Blatchford Coaching today.

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