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June 26, 2017
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You Don’t Have to Be Stuck in a Dental Practice Rut


For some dentists, the ideal dream of profitability and time has not occurred yet. Unfortunately, some dentists find themselves stuck in a dental practice rut. Dentistry has become routine and we have lost the excitement. The patient comes in with a clearly broken tooth, but does not want to proceed with a crown, so we patch it once again. You and your team are tired of the same old routine and patients not accepting your treatment. You have lost your A-game and are clearly not happy. You are in a dental practice rut.

We call this the Ceiling of Complexity. You have tried to apply all you know about making this dental business work and you don’t know what else to do. It is frustrating because the dream is not happening, but you and your team have tried. Speaking of team, they each expect an annual increase because they have been here for another year. Is this the way it is supposed to work?

You might be in a rut, stuck in your routine. How can you get your mojo back? A dental business coach is one who can return you to the original dream of larger net return and more time away. A dental business coach can help you be a stronger and more effective leader, can help your team master sales conversations and help your team be more accountable in improving their skills, enthusiasm and cross-training. A dental business coach can help you see a bigger picture for your life. This is our main focus at Blatchford Solutions

You have only one earthly life. You have dental skills. You want more satisfaction. What are you waiting for?

dental practice rutAs dental coaches, we enjoy the challenges of dentists who feel frustrated, unfulfilled, overworked and underpaid as well as underworked or out of control with debt and worry with business decisions. The successful business of dentistry is not complex or a secret. The real challenge is the owner and leader is also the top highly skilled mechanical operator; the only licensed diagnostician. The owner also wears a team hat and letterman’s jacket. The team owner is also the head cheerleader. The dentist wears every hat and must know every position played on the team. It is easy to get lost in the crowd and not see the scoreboard.

Herein lies the challenge of work: to help the dentist find them-selves, get out of the dental practice rut, define their standards and values, help them discover and define clearly the practice of their dreams and help them create a plan to arrive there. Using basic business principles of vision, goal setting, leadership, budgeting, communication, sales, and marketing, we coach them to achieve their dream and help dentists get out of the dental practice rut.

At Blatchford Coaching, we understand and appreciate the science and technology. We also understand the debt burden of a young dentist, business choices in partnerships and associateships, as well as the real love many dentists have for the actual practicing along with the extraordinary generational relationships that make a practice special. Then, there is the distinct dental opportunity in continuing to practice as long as you are able and have the desire. There is no other profession like it in the world.

Dentistry can be so rewarding emotionally and financially if done well. Certain practices are very successful. They know themselves very well; they have standards and are able to communicate those values with passion and energy.

dental practice rutDentists make choices every second of the day. What we choose to do with the paths presented to us is a choice. In dentistry, putting up with unskilled average staff is a choice, not being accountable for your own actions is a choice, having an overhead of 83 percent is a choice, selecting a poor quality laboratory is a choice, avoiding, “Expensive,” continuing education courses is a choice, being frustrated in dentistry is a choice, trying to copy others instead of discovering yourself is a choice.

When you work with Blatchford Coaching, you can:

  • Fall in Love with dentistry again
  • No longer feel so stressed
  • Start enjoying your practice
  • Find the reason for being a dentist
  • Become a better dentist by being more focused and relaxed
  • Become a much better leader and manager of your dental practice

If you would like get out of your dental practice rut, call or click and schedule an appointment with Blatchford Solutions. You really can love your practice again.

Call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with Blatchford Coaching today.

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