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More Time Away a Dentist’s Dream

more time away

Wouldn’t more time away be nice? What would you do with 40 more days a year away from your practice while making the same net return or more? A dental business coach who is committed to your vision of time can make more time away happen while preserving and increasing your net return for the year.

We could generalize and say most dentists want more net return, more time for themselves and their family and more joy while doing dentistry. At the end of life, was it the extra money that made the difference or the time you were able to spend sharing hobbies or sports with your family, traveling to dream destinations or reading a book cover to cover? More time away is possible.

Almost everyone would say TIME. IS. MOST. IMPORTANT. TO. ME. Our time presently is spread thin and we expect to do more in a shorter amount of time—all due to Smartphones and access to information. Faster and faster do we twirl. How do we find time to be ourselves? To find ourselves? To find each other?

In North America, we work more days and longer to the point of exhaustion and then take, “a well deserved vacation.” At Strategic Coach, Blatchford dental business coaches learn time off is importantly, “preparation for solid work.” We need to have frequent and quality time off to recoup so we can all work effectively. Mentally, we need to accept that vacations or time away is essential to our well-being. When we work hard for a year and only take three weeks away, essentially you take, “vacations,” at work because you are not focused your too tired or burned out. This makes you ineffective. You really do need more time away.

If you want to see patients 140 days (3 days a week) and take an additional 6-8 weeks of time away, still keeping an effective and accountable team, call Blatchford Solutions for effective and efficient dental business coaching.

You really can have more time away. Call or click and schedule an appointment with Blatchford Solutions today.

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