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March 15, 2017
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Curiosity in your Personal and Professional Life


You’ve heard the old adage, “Curiosity killed the cat,” does that mean that curiosity is something we should avoid or shy away from? It seems as if education today is trying to adapt to the modern world so curiosity will be encouraged in problem solving exercises rather than resorting to rote learning. Thanks to the World Wide Web, it is much easier to find out everything you know at the touch of a button than to look it up in an encyclopedia.

Curiosity and necessity is what is driving innovations and inventions today and always has been. At conferences, we have met young billionaires who have chosen the curious route and have developed companies in many fields where they saw a need. In many cases, these young people may not be college educated, but their curiosity and drive was fashioned outside the normal education structure.

Can curiosity be developed or fostered? Look at Leonardo da Vinci—the Renaissance man. He was an inventor, architect, military strategist, musician, scientist and naturalist—a very curious man. Alexander Graham Bell never would have created the first telephone had he not been on a quest to find a hearing device to help the deaf, as his mother and wife were both deaf. Without curiosity, even the most brilliant minds would atrophy. With curiosity, even a mediocre brain can shine brilliantly.

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