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Plan to Success in Work and Play

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What is my plan for the day?  It doesn’t matter if it is work or play; I find I need a plan to success.  If I have a down day to relax, I need a plan to make sure that very necessary exercise of relaxation takes place.  How long will I relax?  What will it look like?  Where will I be and how can I make sure I actually relax?

Relaxation is an accomplishment.  In our busy lives, many people feel they do not have enough time to relax, like it is the reward, but it is never accomplished.  If I don’t have a clear plan to success as to what I want, I realize I will not get it.

If I have a kid project to help them learn about the stars, the sun and the moon, I need to make a plan to accomplish this successfully.  If I try to hurry it with my impatience, I know I will screw it up because I didn’t stick to the plan to success.

Really efficient people know they must take the time to research and break down a project into basic steps in order to achieve success consistently.  It takes time to plan in the beginning and sometimes, it feels like I am wasting time planning.

If I want the kids to embrace the magic of the universe, I need to do my homework and have a plan to success.  If I want them be able to recognize the very basic stars, I do not need to know everything, but enough to pique their interest to further investigate on their own and share it with us in the hot tub when we are looking at the stars together.
Learning can be random but learning can also have a plan to success.  Who wouldn’t wonder about our Earth hurling through space around the sun with the other planets at an astonishing 67,000 MPH.  What keeps it all together?  Someone must have had a plan.  LOL

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