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August 29, 2016
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Making your Practice Lovable
September 19, 2016

Dental Coaching for your Personal Life

dental coaching

Dental coaching can help you enjoy your private life!

Do you know how I spent my summer? On vacation mostly, mixed with some work. I preplanned vacations with my office and team and we optimized the time our kids were out of school to hit the pavement, er runway running. I take 8 weeks off for vacation every year.

I recently spoke to a dentist. He asked where I was at the moment. “Well, I am actually in Kauai. It is absolutely beautiful here. We have spent all day swimming in the waves, laying by the pool, eating authentic Hawaiian food and soaking up the sun!” He mentioned he had never been to Kauai. Now the Hawaiian Islands may not be on his bucket list, but everyone has goals, places, or hobbies they wish to pursue when not working.

We love to travel so that is how we spend our time off. This summer alone we have spent a week in San Juan and the Bahamas on a Disney Cruise, Kauai, camping and swimming in our nearby lakes.

A goal needs to be something you really want to do. There are short and long-term goals. To make a goal attainable it needs to be realistic. For example, I do not think my goal of going to the moon is really realistic. Goals need to be specific. I cannot say I want to make more money. Well, how much is, “More,” money? Be specific. How are you going to achieve your goal? Make a list of steps. Take action, do something to get there. You cannot just wait for something to magically happen.

Tell someone about your goal. Somehow when you tell someone your deepest desires, it becomes real. Now you are in a sense, accountable to someone. Write the goals down. Look at them all the time. Say them out loud, sort of like an affirmation. Put them in a place that you will always see. This keeps it at the front of your mind and you will not forget the goal.

All this talk about goals makes me excited to make a new list. It is important to ALWAYS have a goal in life. When you have no goals, then life can get really scary. Don’t let that happen to you. Grab a pencil, no, a pen and a pad of paper and start your list today!!

If you are having problems balancing your personal life with your work life, call or click and schedule a no obligation dental coaching appointment today with Blatchford Coaching.

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