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June 10, 2016
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July 4, 2016

More Summer Vacations Thanks to Your Dental Coach

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As a Dental Coach, I’d like to talk about value, value for money is something that my own family taught me when I was growing up.

My Dad has had the same suitcase for the last twenty years. He likes to talk about this suitcase as it relates to value. The initial purchase was one that he had to think about, as this suitcase cost more than other suitcases – four times more in fact. However, the initial cost also covered a lifetime guarantee of the suitcase.

As a Dental Coach I have to ask:
Would you consider a suitcase that cost four times more than comparable suitcases expensive? Or would buying a suitcase for a lesser price that did not last very long, and needed to be replaced at your own cost be expensive? Let’s say a suitcase that cost $250 initially, but needed to be replaced at another $250 every three years?
When patients ask us how much something is going to cost, we sometimes tend to think that because cost is important to them, that they want the least expensive option. As a Dental Coach, I have to say that this is a mistake to make this assumption.

People want value for their money. They want something that is going to look good, feel good, and work for a long period of time. Initial sticker shock is possible for both the suitcase and for dental treatment. The key is in the value that one gets for something that looks good, feels good, and works through great use over time.
Hope that you get a lot of use out of that suitcase this summer – happy travels.

Dental Coach

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