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May 18, 2016
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May 30, 2016

Sharing a Vision with your Team and your Dental Coach

Dental Coach

Team work is important regardless of what you are playing for, and that is where a Dental Coach can really help you and your dental practice get to the next level.

Case in point just: The Leicester City Football Club.

This was a team that was dead last in last year’s rankings in the Premier League. After that season, they decided as a team that they would set their sights on the other end of the spectrum: to be the Premier League Champions. In nothing short of one of the biggest surprises in sports history, the LCFC pulled this off!! To put this in perspective – the odds were 5000 to 1 that this team could become the league champions – UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

It’s all about Teamwork:

In our dental offices, we, too, get the opportunity to achieve the unbelievable by setting goals and having the whole team share in the vision. Setting the goal, having the team share in the vision, and endless determination can give us the power towards achievement. Set your goals high – go LCFC!!! However, sometimes a Dental Coach can help you and your practice achieve the goals that you have always hoped for.

A Dental Coach you can Trust:

Blatchford Solutions is America’s Leading Dental Coaching Team!  We can make huge improvements in your dental practice and your life.  Contact us today to start living the dream life you’ve always wanted.  If you’d like additional information on the resources we provide, please visit us online and reach out with any questions.

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