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May 20, 2016
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June 7, 2016

Happy Memorial Day from your Dental Consultant!

Dental Consultant

As a dental consultant it’s important to remember why Memorial Day is celebrated and why I do what I do.

Remembering those people who came before us with a special emphasis of honoring those who served to defend our freedoms is the gift of Memorial Day. One of Bill’s favorite quotes is you spend your first thirty years creating habits, and in the second 30 years, those habits determine the rest of your life as you continue to learn.

It has been said recently that you shouldn’t take credit for your success as so many people have contributed to your success. At first, I was offended by this, but now can see a different side. Every generation becomes stronger, healthier, and more inventive.

We want to acknowledge the gifts from our families, our Churches, our communities and our friends who have influenced us. Gifts can also be learning what not to do, things to avoid. Some are to be changed and some we emulate.
We all receive and give many life-long gifts.

America has always had times of challenge, much like being a dental consultant, however we eventually do come together. It is the greatest country on earth. A strong family discussion can be about the reasons America is great. Why is America the ultimate destination of every ambitious person in the world? One is the encouragement of the entrepreneurial spirit and the freedom to make your own way. We have tremendous freedoms and need to be vigilant to keep all those freedoms.


The practice of dentistry is one of the best entrepreneurial endeavors in America. The freedoms and rewards can be exceptional. Here’s to being grateful to others for your ability to practice in a free country.

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