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March 18, 2016
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April 8, 2016

Reinventing your Practice with Dental Consulting

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How will your dental practice continue to thrive?

Our dental consulting company understands the importance of intent and wants to help your practice create a strong culture. As the leader of a strong team, you need to have the passion and the vision to accomplish your dreams. When systems are in place, there is consistency and efficiency creating a happy and positive culture with a greater net for every one.

If the intention is not on practiced and no system is in place, things will not run as they should. Your practice usually runs late, has a revolving door for staff leaving you exhausted and frustrated.  Without systems you will lose time and money.  Overhead is blamed for lack of net.  Everyone is bummed.

Why be frustrated with your practice culture when your practice can be financially and emotionally rewarding?  We find both new and experienced dentists are thrilled to reinvent their practices while creating a new culture. This new culture and energy ensures positive results giving you more time for yourself and your family.

Reinvention is the word.  You already have a Dental Degree and are in practice.  Blatchford Solutions can help you make your present practice accomplish your dreams.  Yes, you can begin to dream again which is an important point.  When you are in a frustrated, dead-end practice, you stop dreaming.  You have no energy to think ahead and be positive.  Reinvention will start you dreaming again.

An experienced dental coach who sees your vision as his own can help you reinvent your practice to your dreams.  It is nearly impossible for a frustrated leader to turn a culture around by yourself.  When you are in the doldrums, you have little energy as you are working close to 200 days.  You cannot see a way out and you are spent.  You are frustrated and consumed with problems and fractures.

Rebirth and reinvention creates rejuvenation.  Even if you are nearing the end of your 35 year dental career, you can reinvent your practice, increase the net and make it much more saleable with a good dental consulting company.

As a newer dentist, why not start out right?  Blatchford Solutions has helped many younger dentists find the right practice for them.  We evaluate profit and loss statements, tax returns and treatments in potential practices to see if this price and location is a fit.  Then we coach the younger dentist to create their success, staying with them as long as they need.

Dentistry can be the best profession ever.  Why stay with a culture where you feel you are slogging through the day with little reward?  Blatchford can help you reinvent yourself, creating a practice with greater net, better balance in your life and return the joy of practicing.

What is the cost to you for staying in a culture of frustration year after year?  Call Blatchford Solutions for dental consulting at (888) 977-4600.






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