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January 1, 2016
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With Dental Consulting You Can Go BIG and Begin With Gratitude

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By Drs. Bill and Christina Blatchford Dental Consulting

In assessing your success for 12 months of work, my advice is to Go B.I.G., that is Begin In Gratitude. No matter your numbers right now, begin with gratitude.  Here’s why:

  • You chose the best profession – being a dentist
  • You own your own business
  • You can make your own decisions
  • You help people every day
  • No one will ever give you a pink slip
  • The sky is the limit for you

So share the good news with your team every day by beginning with gratitude. Then ask them to share why they are grateful.

Your reaction to Go B.I.G. may be enthusiasm or you may ask “How?” How will I achieve gratitude when my numbers for 2015 were not what I wanted them to be? How will I do this with my current team? How can I get to a point where I do not worry about payroll or bills?

Answer: When it comes to Dental Consulting, it is important to keep your mind on the bigger picture. Don’t get stuck on the, “How.” Look on our website for testimonials of clients who have looked beyond the, “How,” and achieved awesome results with Dental Consulting. That’s because we begin with gratitude. We happily work with doctors on their practices to help them successfully support their life goals in our Dental Consulting practice.

When you begin with positives, you can more easily approach what is not working well. In looking at the bigger picture, see if some of these are a concern for you:

  • Better balance between practice, family life and personal time
  • Lower overhead with resulting greater net of money to take home
  • Working with an accountable team who see the bigger picture
  • Low number of NP and production
  • Making a transition that works

The good thing about all these concerns is there is help for you. We regularly meet doctors who are working nearly 200 days a year and still struggling. Why go it alone? We have dentists who are producing more and working fewer days so their net is higher and their time to be with family is greater.

If you reduce your workdays by 50, you get an additional 12 weeks of time off (based on a four-day workweek). Just imagine producing the same or much more and having 50 days more to rejuvenate your soul!

You have a lot going for you right now. To see that possibilities truly begin in gratitude, contact Blatchford Solutions for Dental Consulting today.
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