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Retire As You Go with Dental Practice Consulting

Dental Practice Consulting

by Dr. Bill Blatchford Dental Practice Consulting

There are many important factors if you want to practice dentistry well into your, “Retirement Age.” Because of changes in demographics, economics, longevity and a renewed passion for dentistry, we have reached a new career opportunity in what I call the “Retire As You Go” program available when you work with Blatchford Solutions for Dental Practice Consulting.

The factors making “Retire As You Go” a real force are:

  • Dental baby boomers are reaching retirement age at about 6,800 a year and dental schools are currently graduating 4,000 a year. Consequently, the dream of selling your practice for a bundle is fading fast.
  • Females comprise nearly 48% of graduating classes and are generally practicing for 12 years. Many are associates in order to raise a family. A new dentist is likely married to a professional whose employment may be limited in your town. Consequently, dental graduates have to be more selective in location than 40 years ago.
  • Many dentists who are counting on investments to retire early discover that the retirement nest egg has a big crack.
  • We are living longer. Yet, many people die within 18 months of retirement because the status and structure of what has been the norm is gone. Psychologically it takes emotional and spiritual skills to retire well.

Dental office paradigms can often shift as to what constitutes a dental practice, when you work, who will work with you, and what treatments you will render, and that is where Dental Practice Consulting comes in.

Every person’s retirement dream is different. Nothing is set. The true, “Retire As You Go,” program is all about personal choice. As you reach middle age, you have earned a reputation of excellence and probably been a standard in a community for 25 years.

If you continue practicing in some fashion, you need to revisit the vision of yourself and change your paradigm of practice. “Retire As You Go,” means your days of practicing full out four days a week, ten-hour days are over. Our longevity is not ours to choose, however, you can still make some smart choices and plans with the help of Dental Practice Consulting.

For your future, ask yourself three questions: who am I, what do I do, and for whom do I do it? Then think long and hard about what patients you have enjoyed, what treatments offer intrigue, and what procedures you would like to eliminate. Think of the offerings outside of dentistry and build your dental life around those. Would you like to take a month off at a time, would you practice three days a week with a week off every month? The choices are yours. If you are clear about your practice plans and have enthusiasm and direction, you will find teams who want what you want.

“Retire As You Go” is not just a dream; it is a reality. Contact Blatchford Solutions Dental Practice Consulting at 866-495-7080 or visit us at Let us help you realize your perfect future.

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