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Be That Rich Guy with Dental Practice Management

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By Drs. Bill and Christina Blatchford for Dental Practice Management.

Why is it that some people have more fun? Have more physical fitness? Have better relationships? Have nicer cars? Live in a great house? Are happier? Have more money? The list goes on and it can be the cause for great consternation if you have a jealous bent.

Instead of being jealous, why not ask yourself, “How’d they do that?” You see, the question of, “How,” is the second one we must ask. The first is, “Why?” Honestly, answering that question requires some introspection.

Now we’re going to go deep.  Grab your oxygen tank and hang on.

I bought a new thermostat for my house the other day. On it is a setting for, “Comfort zone.” It doesn’t know what that is. I get to define the parameters within, which will keep the temperature.

We have our comfort zones for our lives as well. We have financial, domestic, relationship, and more. They are all interconnected. We describe them as our, “Deserve level.”

Our deserve level is like a room. It has a floor and a ceiling. We won’t live in the crawl space under the floor, there’s too many spiders and we are likely to bump our head repeatedly. We just float around in this room where it’s warm and comfortable. To see what else the world has to offer, you have to get out, get uncomfortable, and reach the hot tub on the roof. To do that, you have to cut a hole in the ceiling, crawl through the attic, and burst out the window onto the roof where the hot tub is waiting with a great view of all that is out there.

You’re probably asking where on earth is Dr. Blatchford going with this? Here it is.

Rewarding and interesting things wait outside your comfort zone.

Let’s put some numbers to it. How much do YOU think is reasonable for a dentist to net? $250,000? $500,000? $1,000,000? I know dentists that fit each of these categories and some on both sides of that spread. So, what makes the difference? Is it skill? Is it location? Is it their nice new office (this may be related)? Is it their family? NO! It is simply that they have a deserve level that is different than yours. Their ceiling is higher (and some people’s floor is lower). Better? Worse? No, just different. The question becomes do you want things to be different in your life?

If the answer is yes, congratulations! Put on your helmet. You are getting close to bumping your head on that deserve level ceiling. Now that you are aware of it, you can make sure you don’t shrink back down from the challenge of smashing through to the next level.

Are you willing to think bigger than things are today? Are you willing to take action on making that happen? Set some goals? Yes, you say? Excellent and that’s where Dental Practice Management comes in !

Here is an example that puts the rubber to the road.

A dentist might have a deserve level for work which indicates to him that being busy, no matter how productive, is more worthwhile or worthy than being really productive and profitable (efficient). Some feel that work and the amount of busyness equals a noble activity.  This dentist would rather be busy in the practice than work on systems that allow him to be more productive and profitable.  His measure of self-worth is more tied to being busy than being productive and more profitable.  Hard work can be a virtue that indicates a low deserve level in the value of time. Do you recognize yourself here?

Can your deserve level/comfort zone be changed? Absolutely! With good coaching,  Dental Practice Management and sometimes counseling, you can learn to set the ceiling wherever you want. Then re-set it. Or better yet, just blow the thing off the house all together and shoot for the stars. Along with coaching  and Dental Practice Management you must remain vigilant of when you feel tempted to slide back down into your comfort zone and not let yourself go there. The more you keep yourself focused outside your comfort zone, the more often you will expand it.

You see, we create limits for ourselves. It can come from baggage we bring from childhood. It can come from past experiences with other people. It can come from our own negative self-talk. Since we have a choice about how we talk to ourselves why not choose to have nice conversations with ourselves? By working with a good coach and Dental Practice Management team that will help keep us from shrinking back down to our old ways, we can achieve anything we want. So, what is the practice of your dreams? Get a little crazy. Think WAY outside the box. Remember – think about the, “Why,” and the, “What,” will come next. Work with a good coach and a good Dental Practice Management company to help you define the, “Why and what,” and then show you the, “How.” The sky really is the limit.

To explore your potential and see what the view from your rooftop looks like, contact Blatchford Solutions today at 866-495-7080 or visit us at We are delighted to help.

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