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November 13, 2015
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November 18, 2015

Up your Deserve Level with Dental Coaching

Dental Coaching

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Dental Coaching can help you boost your deserve level by offering advice that will help turn your dental practice into a place that you want to be instead of, “Have to be.”

This is Dr. Bill Blatchford in his third year at Loyola Dental Chicago, washing his red 1967 XKE Jaguar convertible. Back in 1967, dental doaching was a far cry from where it has come to today thanks to the work of the dental coaching team from Blatchford Solutions.

Bill Blatchford & Christina Blatchford on Deserve Level

Dental Practice Consultant

Why is this important?  It demonstrates Deserve Level.  We loved this car yet, his dental school reputation was one of frugality because he brought his lunch to work and rode the train.  Deserve Level is the comfort zone we have in all different areas of our life–our home, our friends, vacations, money in the bank account, gas in the car, how much love we deserve and much more.  There is a floor and a ceiling for the deserve level.  It also reflects the dentist’s comfort in presenting treatment and in your team’s support for that treatment.

Is your Deserve Level holding you down?  Are you embroiled with insurance because you think you have to be?  Do you work six days a week because your father did?  Do you only take two weeks of vacation? Examine your Deserve Level.  With dental coaching you really can take more time off, be more productive and make more money. When you work with the professional dental coaching team from Blatchford Solutions you will better understand your deserve level helping you achieve all of your goals and dreams.

At Blatchford Solutions, we discuss this at length and coach you to break through your deserve level ceilings to find your passion and true potential.

If you would like more information regarding dental marketing management or would like to hire a dental coach, call or click now.

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