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November 18, 2015
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Disciplined Pursuit of Less with Dental Coaching

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Bill Blatchford attending the Genius Network

With Dental Coaching, you can take your practice to the next level.

It’s pretty exciting to be stimulated to share new thoughts on how to live the best life. I was privileged to be part of the Genius Network with Joe Polish, a marketing wizard who has helped our Dental Coaching consultancy. I was probably the only dentist so my take on all these speakers is, how can we relate this to the best life in dentistry.

Joe’s many speakers are legendary. Joe interviewed Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis, author of Abundance and founder of Singularity University, the X-Prize and sequencing the genome.

Tony Robbins, recent author of Money, said we all have a choice in life— to be on the reckless pursuit of More or be on the disciplined pursuit of Less. Let’s think about this brilliance. In today’s fast paced world, we could believe we can have it all, whatever, “All,” is. If your plate is too full, you could feel you have little balance between life and work.

Tony Robbins said balance is an illusion. He feels there is really no division between work and life as it is really important for you to combine your mission with family and friends. He feels his mission is not work as it is what you do and you bring energy to it. It is a matter of changing your thinking from, “I have to do this,” to “I get to do this.”

One thing I always recommend with my Dental Coaching clients is a continual use of task analysis. Busy-ness does not need to destroy your enthusiasm and joy for dentistry, team and patients. On the task analysis, everyone on the team keeps track of all the tasks they do daily, weekly and monthly. How much time do you spend doing this? Is this a necessary task? Is this task someone else could do or be trained to do? For the Doctor, is this something only you are licensed to do? Does it add value to your life? Keep working on simplifying your life by dropping the tasks which are not worthwhile. Repetition of tasks which lack value can bring you down. For a copy of Blatchford’s Dental Coaching Task analysis, click here on Task Analysis Link.

Both Robbins and Diamandis shared how they deal with others who say something is, “Impossible, you can’t do that.” They both believe impossible is not a fact, but an opinion. A leader in a dental practice must hold the impossible is possible. When your team or patients have doubts, you are the one to remember impossible is just someone’s opinion. You are the one to help them breakthrough the wall of impossible. In being the leader and helping someone have a breakthrough in their thinking, it is always a strong moment. It can be a fulfillment as a leader.

A change in thinking is to shift the conversation from self to others. Both Tony and Peter agreed suffering is always about you as well as depression is about you. An awesome motto is, “I will find beauty in whatever happens.”

In thinking of the bigger picture and the disciplined pursuit of less, making big decisions require you know the what and why of the decision but what kills much movement forward is dwelling or attempting to discover the HOW. It will trip up any decision. When President Kennedy announced USA will go to the moon within 10 years, the experts had no plan of, “How.” They did know the important what and the why. If these two are strong enough, you will figure out a how once the decision is made.

It is a real challenge for dentists who work on tiny teeth in wet dark spaces to avoid going straight to how when considering a decision. Worrying about the how destroys movement forward. How is like tyranny of unjust power because it destroys your individual and group movement forward. In decision making, dwell on what you want to accomplish and why do you want to make this happen.

Tony said we are the result of the five people we hang out with the most. Are these positive influences for you, encouragers who want the best or you? Be in control of your own life by thinking, “My life is not happening to me, it is happening FOR me.” You have more control than you think you do. Do not hang around average people. Arrange it so you have strong influencers around you who cheer you forward. Tony wires himself to be happy.

Both Peter and Tony shared their similar morning rituals which where they focus on what they want to think about and accomplish that day. They focus on two emotions which will make me a better me. Spend three minutes on three things I am grateful for with one of the things being very simple. What are your blessings? Life, God, my talents. Visualize three specific outcomes for today.

Tony said he does get frustrated or hooked on things. But he is also aware, he needs to not stay hooked. He knows he has bigger things to do and no time to waste on being pulled away from the bigger picture.

Peter said, “Find something you would die for—then live for it.” He believes there is no problem that cannot be solved and that is how we tackle our Dental Coaching business.

I am humbled by the intelligence and thinking brought forth at the Genius Network. I am so pleased to be going to the 2.5 day event of Peter Diamandis called Abundance 360 in January and will share more with you on this very current thinking.

If you would like to know more about Dental Coaching, call or click and speak to Blatchford Solutions today.

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