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June 6, 2013
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32 Online Dental Marketing Tips

Dental Marketing

You really do need a dental marketing plan as the World Wide Web has changed things for all kinds of businesses, especially for those in the service industry. Doctors and dentists need to come up with a dental marketing plan that can boost their online presence.

This podcast, presented by social media for dentists guru Brad Newman shows you how to get the best out of online Dental Marketing.


All the way from Alaska, Dr. Bill Blatchford interviews Brad Newman, founders day chief buzz officer of Dentainment, a firm specializing in social media for dentists and online Dental Marketing.

In this podcast, Brad shares select Dental Marketing strategies that can help improve your dental practice’s social media presence:

  1. Be consistent on social media
  2. Explore the power of targeted Facebook advertising for your dental practice
  3. Add video to your social media dental campaign
  4. Keywords specific to dentistry and your practice!
  5. Keep the ‘social’ in social media and have fun
  6. Create a mobile website as you will be penalized by Google if you don’t have one
  7. Roll out the red carpet for every dental patient
  8. Choose social media platforms wisely or contact a dental coach
  9. Create a dental blog worth reading
  10. Award your front people with a top of the line smartphone (with a camera!)

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Brad discusses how social media is the new word of mouth advertising and divulged how to make your new and recurring customers your brand ambassadors.

Tune in for more tips on how to revolutionize your dental practice’s online profile with the online dental marketing guru’s from Blatchford Solutions.

Call or click and learn more about dental coaching.

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Reach out to Dentainment for Social Media Management, Online Marketing Consulting and Internet Commercials.


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