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February 13, 2013
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Adjust Your Attitude with Dental Practice Management!

Dental Practice Management

Dental Practice ManagementWe recently focused on attitude adjustment with Dental Practice Management on a Mornings With Bill video, and we cannot emphasize enough how much the atmosphere in your office can change just by the attitude.

As a doctor of your own practice, you are the one that sets the pace, mood, and environment for your team and patients. In a team-working environment, the teammates will follow the mood set by the leader. If the first words that come out of your mouth are negative, traffic, weather, etc., your team’s attitude is going to be sluggish and your patients will bear the same attitude.

Adjust your attitude

You need to be the first one to work and set a positive attitude throughout your practice. Your attitude will define your success. Take the time and ponder how your attitude shapes your practice. Try to think of these questions:

  • Have I clearly defined and shown the proper attitude that should be brought at the office?
  • Have I created the positive environment that I expect others to follow?
  • Does my attitude define the goals for my practice?
  • Have I set the proper standards and expectation for my team?

If you believe you need an attitude adjustment, the time is now! It’s possible to adjust your attitude, but it’s up to you to accomplish that goal. Attitude is not a genetic trait; it’s a choice. Give it a shot. When you arrive at your practice, let the first words out of your mouth be positive. You will notice the tremendous difference your team and patients will show just by a simple attitude adjustment.

We are more than happy to help you adjust your dental practice management. If you wish to change the success of your practice, contact us today!

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