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November 6, 2012
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Meet Dr. Blatchford Dental Practice Management Consultant
December 17, 2012

A Fellow Dentist Talks About Dr. Blatchford Dental Coach

Dental Coach

A Dental Coach can help if you are having trouble streamlining your practice into a more rewarding business. Blatchford Solutions can help overcome your obstacles to achieve business success with their remarkable dental management consultancy firm. Dr. Bill Blatchford has advised more than 1800 dental practices worldwide with their business plans, leading them to a successful dental practice and is a Dental Coach that can really turn your practice around so that you can have more time off and more money.

Dr. Blatchford understands how stressful a dental practice can be, especially if you feel like you are working too many hours for very little rewards. Some dentist’s are so stressed out that they are unable to do the job that they once did without feeling frustrated.

No matter the stressful situations that surround your dental practice, Dr. Blatchford’s dental practice marketing and dentistry experience can easily adapt a strategy fit for you and your dental team. Below is a video of Dr. David Mussone, a client of Dr. Blatchford.

Dr. Mussone was dealing with the challenges and stresses of owning a practice in a small town. Under Dr. Blatchford’s coaching, Dr. Mussone was able to take a leadership role and accountability to guide his team and his practice to a balanced, successful life. Hear what he has to say of Blatchford Solutions by watching the video.


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